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RE: Kinlochen Lodge
Dear Tom,

This letter is to thank the entire Comstock Construction team for their outstanding efforts on Crystal Mountain's Kinlochen Lodge. As you know this project was not an easy undertaking. A custom design, compressed fast track schedule, and difficult weather conditions offered many obstacles. At the beginning of the construction phase, with the majority of the work being completed during the winter months in northern Michigan, it looked like an almost impossible task. Comstock accepted the challenge and organized the work force, including the owner's consultants, to produce an outstanding, high quality facility for golfmg, skiing and residential condominiums.

AAl offers a special thanks to Tom Comstock, Jody Bergman, and Rich Wayward for involvement and leadership on the Kinlochen Lodge project. We have enjoyed our working relationship on this project and hope to team together on future successful projects.

Mark T. Humitz, AlA, Robert L. Holdeman, AlA


Crystal Mountain's Kinlochen Lodge

Re: Charlevoix County Addition

Dear Sir:

This letter is in regards to the Charlevoix County Building Addition and Remodeling. I have observed your companies employees and they are very dedicated and conscientious workers. They are productive and work in a very quiet manner trying not to upset the dailey routines of each office. Most times you only hear complaints and I felt it was necessary to write this letter.

I ask three of the men their names and they are Mike Shea, Bob Beairs, and Rick Taylor.

Charlene M. Gaskin

County of Charlevoix
Dear Mike,

Once again you were able to do the impossible. Start April 1,1989 and have us opened for the season by July 1.

You did the same thing for us on our original 30 unit complex in 1986 and that was one of the reasons you got this job.

It is a pleasure to deal with a company that is not only competitive but also one that really cares about time and quality. Your employees are a tribute to you and we actually have developed some friendships out of our relationship with them.

I do not have to tell you about Dennis Ackler. He certainly is one of a kind. I have honestly never met a man that sincerely cares about a project as he does. He treats it like it is his own. He gets more work out of people than you can imagine. He and your organization are real pros. I can assure you that without a guy like Dennis to coordinate everything this or any project never gets completed on time.

It is not often that you hear about all the good things you do but I cannot think of anything that I would be unhappy over. You have certainly proven yourself to me and be sure that you will once again get all of our future business .

Best of luck in the future. We will be back-with you soon.

Dennis R. Campbell-President Lake Betsie Corp.
Harbor Lights Motel & Condominiums

Harbor Lights Motel & Condominiums
Re: Forest Dunes Club House

Dear Mike,

Too often we as contractors are accustomed to hearing predominantly bad news about jobs and problems that have come up. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for the fine job that your Kevin Ball did on the above project.

This was my first exposure and opportunity to work with Kevin. I was most impressed with his even­ keeled demeanor; his ability to keep everyone motivated and his sensitivity in making everyone feel no less important than the other guy. I consider my job to be on the "low end of the food chain" and typically have to twist some arms to get issues resolved once I find them. Kevin dove right in and even went as far as performing some of the work himself, which allowed me to keep going forward with my work.

I believe Kevin to be one the finest job site superintendents that I have met in my 26 years in the industry. He should be commended and recognized for his fine work as he represents Comstock Construction with honor and integrity.

Kevin P. Heikkila

Integrity Test & Balance, Inc.

Forest Dunes Club House

Dear Mr. Comstock:

As Co-chairman of the Trinity Church Building Committee, I want to express the congratulations of the entire congregation for the beautiful job that Comstock Construction did on our new Fellowship Hall. Everyone who has visited the hall has had nothing but fine comments about the design and construction of the building.

Your Mr. John Lovell and Mr. Tom Comstock both performed excellently for your company in the execution of the work of Comstock Construction in performing the actual construction of the building. They were always polite and cooperative in executing their duties, and it was a pleasure working with them. They are indeed a credit to your organization.

Thank you again for a job well done, and our best wishes for a most Joyful Holiday season, and a prosperous New Year.

Walter H. Buchman
Co-chairman, Building Committee

Trinity Church
Kinlochen Lodge
Crystal Mountain Forest Dunes Golf Club House Grace Episcopal Church
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